Cybersecurity Awareness #2

CA112021_10 Don't overshare

Are you at risk? Oversharing information affects far more of us than we might think. Sharing a seemingly innocent photo of your friends or family – or unwittingly giving away details of your banking or passport details could be revealing information that is invaluable to a fraudster or identity thief.

Ensure you are protecting YOU from harm or embarrassment!


CA112021_09 Don't get extorted

Cyber criminals are very serious about their illegal activities. You could get extorted for confidential information you place online.Be careful when you share, protect yourself from situations like these.

CA112021_08 Protect Your data

Online shopping is booming and millions of internet users make online purchases daily. As new ways of shopping online emerge, so do new cyber crimes. Ensure your shoppings sites are safe enough to protect you from a grand scam online.


CA112021_07 How to prevent Identity

Keep track of your paper trail, protect you! Theft or access to your paper documents like bank statements, utility bills, tax returns, passport or driving licence are a few of the risks associated with identity theft. Going paperless, if possible will benefit you in the long run.

CA112021_06 Safeguard your devices

You don’t need advanced technology to know how to protect your devices.

Using strong passwords and installing antivirus software are two steps to take to #ProtectYourself from things like fraud and invasion of your privacy.