Cybersecurity Awareness #3

CA112021_15 Safety first

Just got a new device? Before you start browsing the internet, ensure the device is safe and secured with the necessary updated antivirus software. Before you click a link or visit your favourite websites, check for security!


CA112021_14 No erasing data online

There is no erasing things on the internet, no matter how hard you try. Before you post, think twice. Are you sure you want this information on the “world wide web”?

CA112021_13 Protect Your Data

Do you establish access levels? Preventing your data from loss or falling into the wrong hands should be a key part of your IT strategy and day-to-day housekeeping.The consequences can include breaches of confidentiality, non-compliance penalties, espionage and a compromised reputation.


CA112021_12 Comment

Do you know how to identify misinformation? Comment your answers below. When browsing the internet, be aware of misinformation especially when resharing posts across social media.Protect yourself and others from spreading misinformation online.

CA112021_11 Protect Your Data

Make browsing fun but stay smart,protect yourself while online. Follow our page to find out how you can #ProtectYourself - #YourIdentity #YourData and #YourDevices