CIRT.GY is the public brand of the Guyana National Computer Incident Response Team.

The Government of Guyana approved the formation of this team in an August 2012 cabinet decision. Subsequent to this approval, four members of staff were recruited on August 2, 2013.

The team functions as a unit within the Ministry of Public Security, with funding and budgetary approval dependent on this relationship.

The team is a specialised unit to promptly and correctly manage incidents so they are quickly contained.

Just as firefighters in the real world focus on extinguishing fires and not pursuing or prosecuting arsonists, CIRT.GY functions as digital firefighters. They are NOT law enforcement, nor an intelligence gathering agency.

Role of the Team

While the primary role of CIRT.GY is to provide computer incident management, it also serves in the following roles:

Work of the Team

The team provides reactive, proactive and quality assurance services.

  1. Information Dissemination

    Information dissemination relies on CIRT.GY being a trusted source of cybersecurity practices and trends. The unit reviews trusted information and presents the relevant details to the public.

  2. Incident Management

    Incident management is a reactive service that focuses on providing tangible assistance in responding to cyber security incidents. This includes the unit - whenever possible - performing incident handling functions.

    • Incident Analysis, Response Support and Coordination

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  3. Coordination

    Collaboration with international organisations is an essential part of the work of CIRT.GY. This includes the formation of partnerships to assist in strengthening cybersecurity globally.

    • Participation in the OAS/CICTE network of CIRTs

    • Partner with US-CERT, CERT-EE (Estonia), ColCERT (Colombia), NCSC (Netherlands)

    • Participant in ColCERT's 2014 Regional Cybersecurity Games, a drill to challenge both offensive and defensive skills.

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