Posted on: August 10, 2015

The Ministry of Public Security in collaboration with a delegation from the Inter-American Committee Against Terrorism of the Organisation of the American States (OAS/CICTE), will host a two-day National Cyber Security Sensitisation Workshop on August 12th - 13th, 2015 at the Pegasus Hotel Guyana.

The primary aim of the workshop is to bring together national stakeholders from the public and private sectors as well as civil society to raise awareness of the need to address cyber security threats in a comprehensive and strategic partnership.

Two experts from OAS/CICTE will facilitate an exploration of other country's experiences with developing a National Policy Framework for managing cyber threats and cyber crime. One of the outcomes of the workshop is intended to be the formation of a National Task Force to systematically address the country's cyber security needs, including its integration within a national ICT Policy Framework and a Security Policy.

Responding effectively to cybersecurity threats requires involvement of:

  1. The Legislature: ensuring appropriate laws are enacted to properly prosecute cybercrime, including computer misuse, child pornography, privacy, data protection and intellectual property

  2. Public Prosecution and Law Enforcement: to provide the relevant evidence of criminal acts to enforce legislation

  3. Judiciary: to ensure follow through with cases involving cyber crimes and digital evidence

  4. Academia: ensuring education is provided to train future generations of technical professionals

  5. Public Awareness: to build a culture of cyber security awareness to reduce the exposure of users due to poor computer security practices.

  6. Incident Response: a role presently being fulfilled by the Guyana National Computer Incident Response Team

  7. Regional and International Collaboration: cross-border nature of cyber security threats require international cooperation.

  8. Private-sector: as the engine of growth, inclusion of private sector perspective is critical

Guyana National CIRT public launch

As part of the workshop, the Guyana National Computer Incident Response Team, a unit within the Ministry of Public Security, will be launched and a day of specialised technical training in Information Security and Incident Management fundamentals will be held for a select group of ICT professionals representing the public and private sectors.