Posted on: August 10, 2015

The main workshop session will be held at the Savannah Suite, Pegasus Hotel Guyana on August 12, 2015 commencing at 9:00am. We regret that attendance is by invitation only.

Opening Ceremony

Invited guests for this opening ceremony include senior members of the Government of Guyana, including Cabinet Ministers, Chief Justice, Chancellor of the Judiciary, Permanent Secretaries and Heads of Department. In addition, the members of the Diplomatic Corps have all been invited to attend. That consists of every Foreign Mission with a Permanent Representative in Guyana. Senior members of the private sector, media, critical infrastructure owners and operators.

Session Profile

It is intended to target the members of our society in an effort to increase understanding of the need for cybersecurity within our country. Consequently, we are hopeful that representatives from our local businesses and Government Agencies will be in attendance for these sessions, as well as members of the Guyanese public.


To raise awareness of the need to take a strategic approach to dealing with cyber security

  1. To raise awareness of the need to build a strategic partnership (among public sector, private sector, academia and civil society) to work together to build a National Cyber Security Strategy Policy Framework to guide implementation. National Cyber Security Strategy Policy Framework typically includes the following Dimensions:

    1. A Governance Framework (eg. Inter-Ministerial Committee or National Task Force)

    2. Cyber Security Culture: Awareness Building, Education (Information Security Degrees, traing courses etc)

    3. Enabling Legislation

    4. Incident Response Capability (National CIRT)

    5. Collaboration (National, Regional and International)

  2. To raise awareness of the Government's readiness to fast forward this process:

    1. Guyana has taken steps to create a National Incident Response Team, which already has a measure of collaboration with international partners.

    2. Members of the Ministry of Legal Affairs received training in the drafting of appropriate legislation at a Cybercrime Legislation Workshop in Miami sponsored by the US Department of Justice.

    3. Guyana has also started the process of improving cyber security skills available locally (Day 2 Technical Workshop)

    4. The workshop is intended to initiate the process of developing the Governance Framework to unify and streamline efforts.