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Chrome 41 has been promoted to the stable channel with Chrome 41.0.2272.76 for Windows, Mac and Linux. This updates includes 51 security fixes. It also addresses a vulnerability which could potentially allow an attacker to take over an affected system.

CVE Reference: CVE-2015-1212, CVE-2015-1213, CVE-2015-1214, CVE-2015-1214, CVE-2015-1215, CVE-2015-1216, CVE-2015-1217, CVE-2015-1218, CVE-2015-1219, CVE-2015-1220, CVE-2015-1221, CVE-2015-1222, CVE-2015-1223, CVE-2015-1224, CVE-2015-1225, CVE-2015-122, CVE-2015-1227, CVE-2015-1228, CVE-2015-1229, CVE-2015-1230, CVE-2015-1231