Cybersecurity Awareness

CA052022_114 Public Wifi


Wireless networks have revolutionised the way we can use smartphones and tablets, both when we are out and about and in the home or office. Don’t use public Wi-Fi when doing anything confidential online as it may not remain private. Use a VPN, secure dongle or wait until you get home.

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CA052022_113 Don't Overshare

Here’s a great tip. One of the best ways to protect yourself on social media is to make sure you’ve set your account to private.Need more tips? Visit for more tips and information  on oversharing

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CA052022_112 Data Privacy


While online, there is personal information about you which you undoubtedly do not want to reveal to certain other people. Be careful what information you share. Click the link for more info on data privacy, and pass it on!

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CA052022_111Password Protection

Passwords are commonly used in conjunction with your username. However, where more security is needed, other forms of ID like a memorable phrase or 2FA may also be needed. Learn more here:

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CA042022_110 Parent Controls


It makes good sense to take advantage of the filters and controls which you can use to reduce the chance that your children will come across inappropriate or offensive content. to find out more about parental controls tegrity or availability of its information. visit to learn more about #databreaches and security incidents.

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