Cybersecurity Awareness

CA082022_167 Safe Disposal

Smartphones and tablets that you no longer need should be disposed of with great care. The data on your device can easily be accessed whether you sell, scrap, give away or donate it, and even ‘deleted’ data can be retrieved with relative ease by criminals.​ Click here to learn more at​

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CA082022_166 Software Decommissioning


It is important that you carry out regular reviews or audits of application software on all computers and information systems, and ensure that redundant software is decommissioned or retired. This does not necessarily mean components bundled with operating systems, but old productivity, email, communications, financial and HR software, for example, together with programs specific to your business sector. Click here to learn more. ​

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CA082022_165 Browser Updates

Get Safe Online recommends that for optimum protection against fraud when using the internet, you always run the latest version of your chosen browser that your operating system will support. You should also always download and install the latest updates to the browser you have loaded.​ Visit​ to learn more about #browserupdates

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CA082022_164 Software Updates


​When Microsoft launches a new version of Windows, online criminals quickly find vulnerable areas in the operating system and continue to do so for the lifetime of the version. To counter this, Microsoft releases regular updates – via Windows Update – such as security updates or critical updates, which protect against malware and security exploits. The same goes for other operating systems, software and apps.

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CA082022_163 Firewalls

A firewall is a barrier between the internet and your own computer or network. Because the internet is a public network, any connected computer can find and connect to any other connected computer. Think of it as a highly dedicated security guard who stops anyone coming into your computer if they’re not on the guest list, and anyone leaving if they don’t have permission.​

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