Cybersecurity Awareness

CA082022_162 Passwords (Routers)


​As with all passwords, your router password should be unique to your router, and never the same one as you use for other devices or online accounts.​​

Get more tips on changing your router’s password and name here:

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CA082022_161 Viruses and Spyware

​Many people believe that smartphones and tablets are not susceptible to viruses, spyware and other malware. This is certainly not the case … in fact the more people that use these devices, and the more apps that are available for them, the greater the level of harmful and criminal activity.

​To find out how to avoid becoming a victim, visit:

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CA082022_160 BYoD


​The practice of employees, contractors and other people working in your organization using their own laptop computers, mobile devices and portable storage in their work is known as ‘Bring Your Own Device’ or BYoD. ​ It is a practice which can have both positive and negative implications for both the organization and the employee – whether the device is brought into the workplace or used remotely.​ However much you trust the people who work for or with you, personal devices pose one of the highest risks to any organization's information security.​

​ Visit: to find out how you can navigate this BYoD space and stay protected

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CA082022_159 Your Connected home

​The number of electrical and electronic items in your home that can be monitored and controlled via your Wi-Fi is growing all the time. These range from security systems and cameras and dimmable lightbulbs to your children’s smart toys. It is even possible to buy a refrigerator which tells you when you need to stock up on food. These products are normally linked to their own app on your smartphone or tablet, but also increasingly popular are smart TVs which are linked to the internet, and smart speakers via which you can control household functions including ordering online with a simple voice command. Visit the link for more info on staying safe while your home is connected!

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CA082022_158 Mobile Apps


Here are some tips to help you make the most of your smart device and apps and use them with confidence:​

1. Install apps only from recognized app stores​

2. Consider content ratings​

3. Be aware of what permissions you are granting​

4. Treat your phone as your wallet​

5. Be aware of costs, especially for roaming and in-app purchases​

​To get more tips visit: 

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