Cybersecurity Awareness

CA072022_147 Preventing Identity theft

Identity theft can be carried out either online, physically using printed documents, or by a combination of the two. It is a method used to carry out criminal activity, involving unauthorized use of your name and personal details to either steal from you, or commit a crime in your name. Learn how to prevent identity theft here:

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CA072022_146 Social Media Phishing


Did you know that email messages, texts and phone calls are methods commonly used by criminals to approach people with the aim of committing financial or identity fraud … or both? You click on a link in a tweet, or a post on your social media and suddenly the link takes you to a website which requests confidential details. To find out how to avoid becoming a victim visit:

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CA072022_145 Social Engineering

When talking about online safety and security, ‘social engineering’ means the act of manipulating or tricking people into certain actions including divulging personal or financial information … a kind of confidence trick. It’s the route to many types of crime including fraud and identity theft. Protect yourself.Visit to find out how you can stay safe from #SocialEngineering

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CA072022_144 Money Muling


As criminals seek more sophisticated ways of concealing the proceeds of their illegal activity, the practice of money muling is becoming increasingly commonplace. A money mule is a person who transfers stolen money between different countries, often without realizing that they are being used to carry out the fraud. It is a form of money laundering. The word ‘mule’ comes from the expression ‘drugs mule’, a person enlisted to transport drugs on behalf of dealers. To get more information on how to avoid money muling visit

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CA072022_143 Choosing the best Passwords

Here’s a tip! To create a strong password, simply choose three random words. Numbers, symbols and combinations of upper and lower case can be used if you feel you need to create a stronger password, or the account you are creating a password for requires more than just letters. Visit the link for more info on creating passwords and pass it on!

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