Cybersecurity Awareness

CA062022_132 viruses


 Install antivirus software, or a security app on your mobile devices.  It is vital to keep your internet security software up to date in order to provide the most complete protection.  To find out how to avoid becoming a victim  visit:

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CA062022_131 Cyberbullying

Cyberbullying can occur purely online only, or as part of wider bullying. Cyberbullies may be people who are known to you or anonymous. Like all bullies, they frequently try to persuade others to join in. You could be bullied for your religious or political beliefs, race or skin colour, body image, if you have a mental or physical disability or for no apparent reason whatsoever. Unfortunately, social media is also widely used by abuser. Many abusers ‘hide’ behind the fact that they may not be able to be readily identified, saying things that they wouldn’t consider saying face-to-face, which could be regarded as cowardly. Protect yourself. Visit to find out how you can stay safe from

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CA062022_130 Secure Passwords


Your passwords are the key to your online life. The use of strong passwords is therefore essential in order to protect your security and identity. The best security in the world is useless if a malicious person has a legitimate user name and password

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CA062022_129 Online Dating

Online dating sites take the traditional matchmaking process online and allow people to meet one another via the internet, with many encounters leading to long-term relationships. ... However, there are exceptions, and you need to be aware of how to keep yourself – and your bank account and savings – protected while meeting people online.Click the link for more info on online dating and pass it on!

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CA062022_128 Don't Overshare


Social networking enables billions of people worldwide to stay in touch with their friends, share experiences and photographs and exchange personal content. In many ways it has replaced the telephone and email. For many users, it has become a way of life. The nature of social networking means that using it carries a degree of risk including becoming a target for cyber-criminals.Need more tips? Visit for more tips and information  on oversharing 

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