Cybersecurity Awareness Month

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The month of October is globally observed as Cybersecurity Awareness Month and this year’s overarching theme is “Do your part, #BeCyberSmart”.

The National Data Management Authority invites you to celebrate with us as we raise awareness about the importance of cybersecurity and ensure that all Guyanese have the resources they need to stay safe and be more secure online. “Do Your Part. #BeCyberSmart.”

Throughout October, we will focus on the following areas in our promotions and outreach.

  • Week 1: Be Cyber Smart
  • Week 2: Fight the Phish
  • Week3: Explore. Experience. Share – (Cybersecurity Career Awareness Week)
  • Week 4: Cybersecurity First

Week 1: Be Cyber Smart

The first week of Cybersecurity Awareness Month, themed “Be Cyber Smart”, is dedicated to highlighting best security practices and improving cyber hygiene to keep your information safe. Remember to “Do your Part, #BeCyberSmart”

Creating Stronger Passwords

Think of your password like your toothbrush, you wouldn’t want to share that with anyone. Never disclose your passwords to anyone else. If you think that someone else knows your password, change it immediately. “Do your part, #BeCyberSmart”

Visit getsafeonline for password best practices

Share With Care

What goes online, stays online. Think twice before you click to post in case so you don’t embarrass or otherwise harm yourself or others. Employers and University admissions personnel use social media to screen candidates before hiring or approving their application. Always ask friends if it’s OK before posting photos of them or their children. “Do your part, #BeCyberSmart”

Visit getsafeonline to learn more about oversharing

Creating Stronger Passwords

Sharing with Care

Week 2: Phishing

The second week of Cybersecurity Awareness Month is themed "Fight the Phish" and is dedicated to highlighting best practices on safeguarding yourselves against Social Engineering Attacks.

Remember to #FightThePhish and always “Do Your Part, #BeCyberSmart”

"Don't be Phish food!"

You should avoid suspicious email attachments and links. Always go to the trusted website directly instead of clicking on links in emails. Remember to #FightThePhish and to always "Do your part, #BeCyberSmart".

Remember to #FightThePhish and to always "Do your part, #BeCyberSmart". For more information on protecting yourself against phishing email attacks, please visit:
Phishing emails Tips

Phishing emails

"Fight the Phish" Tip


Week 3

Cybersecurity is not an IT problem, but a responsibility for everyone. We are all constantly connected and cybercriminals love it. Therefore, we must take up the mantle and protect our part of Cyberspace.

If you connect it, protect it.

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Remember to always "Do your part, #BeCyberSmart"

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