Intel Security Advisory (18th May 2023)

Ref# ADV2023_108 | Date: May 18th 2023

Intel has published a security advisory to address vulnerabilities affecting the following products on the 9th of May 2023. It is recommended that you take the necessary precautions to ensure your products are always protected.    

  • Data Center Manager (DCM) software versions prior to 5.1 

  • i915 Graphics for Linux kernel versions prior to V1.0.3.1 

  • Intel Processors multiple versions 

  • NUC firmware multiple versions and platforms 

  • oneAPI HPC Toolkit versions prior to 2023.0.0 

  • One Boot Flash Update (OFU) software versions prior to 14.1.30 

  • QuickAssist Technology (QAT) Engine for OpenSSL versions prior to 0.6.16 

  • QuickAssist Technology (QAT) driver for Windows versions prior to 1.9.0 

  • Retail Edge Mobile application multiple versions and platforms 

  • Server Board M50CYP/ D50TNP Family BMC firmware prior to version 2.90 

  • System Usage Report (SUR) software versions prior to 2.4.8989 

  • Trace Analyzer and Collector software versions prior to 2021.8.0 Dec 2022 

  • Virtual RAID on CPU (VROC) software versions prior to 

  • WULT software maintained by Intel versions prior to 1.0.0 (commit id 592300b) 

For more information on these updates, you can follow this URL:  

The Guyana National CIRT recommends that users and administrators review these updates and apply them where necessary.   

PDF Download: Intel Security Updates.pdf