of Stalking Apps (October 24th , 2019)

Ref# Beware | Date: Nov 1st 2019


An advisory has been released by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) warning consumers of stalking apps. These applications are classified as spyware that secretly monitor smart phones. These apps have been found collecting and sharing information such as call history, text messages, photos, GPS locations, and browser history without the users knowledge. Although apps can be useful, some may be used maliciously.

Therefore, it is advised that smart phone users, who suspect to have illegitimate stalking apps on their devices, consider the following steps

  • Use a rootchecker app to see if the phone is jailbroken or modified to allow unrestricted access to the entire file system.
  • Get a new device or remove the stalking app by factory resetting the smartphone and reinstalling the manufacturers operating system.
  • Get help. Law enforcement can determine if spyware is on your phone.

The Guyana National CIRT recommends users and administration to follow these guidelines and to apply them where necessary.


Beware of Stalking Apps (US-Cert)