Identifying Rogue Access Points Can Help Protect Your Network (09th May 2022)

Ref# T2022_07 | Date: May 9th 2022

What is a Rogue Access Point?  

A rogue access point (AP) is a wireless access point (WAP) that has been placed on a secure network without the knowledge or authority of the local networks system administrator. Unauthorized wireless devices can be hidden within or attached to a computer system, or they can be directly connected to a network port or devices like a switch or router. Rogue access points are becoming more frequent. Rogue APs are a security risk since anyone with access to the premises can install a low-cost WAP, allowing unwanted individuals to obtain access to a private network. 

What security risks can rogue access points pose? 

The most common wireless security issue is that of rogue access points. They are employed in a variety of attacks, including but not limited to denial-of-service and data theft. Unfortunately, many are unknowingly used by well-intentioned staff.  

The existence of eavesdropping devices, which may be exploited to steal sensitive information such as passwords or personally identifiable information, is one of the most critical security concerns. Companies should be vigilant in securing information, especially when considering the financial and reputational costs of a data breach. 

What can you do to keep your company safe from rogue access points? 

  1. Educating your employees should be the first step in raising awareness throughout the organization. You can prevent many inadvertent rogue access points by making sure they understand the dangers of putting up wireless access points without the knowledge or permission of the network administrator. 

  1. By scanning and evaluating the transmitting environment of your indoor space, you may visualize your radio frequency (RF) environment in the context of an indoor map. 

  1. Take note of your IT assets and perform regular scans to identify new devices on your network. 

The Guyana National CIRT recommends that users and administrators review these recommendations and implement them where necessary. 

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