Before clicking, think and be cautious (3rd August 2023)

Ref# T2023_05 | Date: Aug 3rd 2023

This is one of the most significant email security recommendations that you should apply and keep in mind if you want to protect your data. Keep an eye out for strange links that you may receive in emails, messages, or while visiting insecure websites. One of the most popular ways for hackers to get your personal data is through clickjacking. Just because you have the ability to click on these links does not mean you should since if they are malicious, you could lose a lot of money and have other negative effects on your life. 

The easiest methods for hackers to mislead you and obtain your personal information is through links included in emails such as bank statements, password recovery emails, and other types of emails. The bogus websites linked by these links are eerily similar to the legitimate ones, where hackers can trick you into giving them your personal information and then use that information to access your account. 

PDF Download: Before clicking think and be cautious.pdf