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T2022_21 Guide to safe use of software (4th November 2022)
Every business relies on one or more computers, and by extension, software, to function. In order to choose and use operating systems and applications . . . Read more

Date Publish: Nov 4th 22
T2022_20 How to Maintain Password Hygiene in Your Company (14th October 2022)
What exactly is password hygiene? Password hygiene refers to the process of making sure passwords are unique, challenging to guess, and difficult to . . . Read more

Date Publish: Oct 14th 22
T2022_19 Network Security Threats and How to Protect Yourself (27th September 2022)
What are network security threats Cybersecurity today matters so much because of everyone”s dependence on technology from collaboration, commun . . . Read more

Date Publish: Sep 27th 22
T2022_18 How to make your website secure (27th September 2022)
Securing your website entails putting safeguards in place to keep hackers, bugs, and other online nasties out. Otherwise, your data may be jeopardized . . . Read more

Date Publish: Sep 27th 22
T2022_17 What you should know about RedAlert Ransomware (9th September 2022)
What is RedAlert (N13V)? RedAlert (N13V) is a piece of malicious software that is classified as ransomware, a type of malware that encrypts data and&h . . . Read more

Date Publish: Sep 9th 22
T2022_16 Data Protection and why it is important (8th September 2022)
What is Data Protection? Data protection is the act of preventing crucial data from being corrupted, compromised, or lost. It gives the capacity to . . . Read more

Date Publish: Sep 8th 22
T2022_15 What you should know about Zeppelin Ransomware (17th August 2022)
What is Zeppelin Ransomware? Zeppelin ransomware is a variant of the Buran ransomware, that operates as Ransomware as a Service (this involves selli . . . Read more

Date Publish: Aug 18th 22
T2022_14 What organizations should know about Cerber Ransomware (15th July 2022)
What is Cerber Ransomware? Cerber, also known as CRBR Encryptor, is a ransomware-type malware that infects computers and encrypts a variety of file t . . . Read more

Date Publish: Jul 15th 22
T2022_13 Antivirus Solutions (24th June 2022)
What is Antivirus software As the name implies, antivirus software is a program that detects and removes viruses. It detects or recognizes the virus . . . Read more

Date Publish: Jun 24th 22
T2022_12 Why should you Implement a SIEM solution on your network (20th June 2022)
What is A SIEM SIEM is an acronym that stands for security, information, and event management. SIEM technology combines log data, security alerts, an . . . Read more

Date Publish: Jun 20th 22
T2022_11 What you should know about Conti Ransomware (30th May 2022)
What is Conti Ransomware? Conti Ransomware is a malicious program belonging to the Conti Cyber Threat group that steals information from organizatio . . . Read more

Date Publish: May 30th 22
T2022_10 What are port scan attacks, and how can we avoid them? (25th May 2022)
What is port scanning?   A port scan is a technique for identifying which ports are open on a network. Port scanning is similar to… . . . Read more

Date Publish: May 25th 22

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