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Maintain Website Security
Description Website security is any action or application taken to ensure that personal and organisational public-facing websites are not exposed to c . . . Read more

Date Publish: Nov 1st 18
Develop Good Security Habits
Having an online presence will increase the chances for prohibited access to your computer devices. However, you can significantly reduce these chance . . . Read more

Date Publish: Sep 11th 18
Tips to protect against website defacing
Description Website defacement could have serious consequences, such as damage to the site”s reputation, loss of valuable information and user p . . . Read more

Date Publish: Aug 12th 17
Tips On How To Recognize Fake Antiviruses
Description A fake antivirus is a malicious software developed to retrieve information from a computer by imitating a legitimate security software. It . . . Read more

Date Publish: Oct 1st 16
How To Maintain Cyber Hygiene
An individual that engages in certain personal hygiene practices will maintain good health and well-being. Similarly, cyber hygiene practices can keep . . . Read more

Date Publish: Sep 7th 16

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