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T2021_19 Importance of Backing Up Your Data (24th November 2021)
What is data back-up Backing up is the process of storing data on a secondary medium (file, hard drive, external hard drive, memory card, flash&hellip . . . Read more

Date Publish: Nov 24th 21
T2021_18 Ransomware Attacks Are Evolving & So Should Your Security Strategy (5th November 2021)
Ransomware is a growing problem for organizations around the world and its likely to get even worse. What started as a floppy disk-centered attack wit . . . Read more

Date Publish: Nov 5th 21
T2021_17 Cybersecurity and Electronic Devices (20th October 2021)
Why does cybersecurity extend beyond computers? Computers are more than just laptops and desktops they also extend to electronic devices like video ga . . . Read more

Date Publish: Oct 20th 21
T2021_16 Distributed Denial-of-Service Attacks (30th September 2021)
What is distributed denial-of-service attacks A Distributed Denial-of-Service Attack is a malicious attempt to disrupt the normal traffic of a server . . . Read more

Date Publish: Sep 30th 21
T2021_15 Denial-of-Service Attacks (10th September 2021)
Denial-of-service attacks A Denial-of-Service1 (DoS) attack is an attack meant to shut down a machine or network, making it inaccessible to its intend . . . Read more

Date Publish: Sep 11th 21
T2021_14 How to Recover from a Hacked Account (11th August 2021)
Being unable to access your online account for whichever service it”s for, it”s a clear indication that something has gone wrong. This can . . . Read more

Date Publish: Aug 11th 21
T2021_13 How to Use Public WI-FI Safely (6th August 2021)
Wireless networks have transformed the way one uses ICT devices for domestic, office and mobile use. Public wireless networks, popularly known as hots . . . Read more

Date Publish: Aug 6th 21
T2021_12 How to Make Safe Online Payments (27th July 2021)
Using the internet to make payments to utility, phone, credit card, insurance and other companies saves considerable time and effort. It is also a sim . . . Read more

Date Publish: Jul 27th 21
T2021_11 Tip for Acuna Ransomware (13th July 2021)
What is Acuna Ransomware? The Acuna ransomware is a malicious program belonging to the Phobos ransomware family that encrypts the personal documents f . . . Read more

Date Publish: Jul 13th 21
T2021_10 Tips for choosing Endpoint Protection ( 4th May 2021)
Have you ever detected a threat on your computer immediately after replacing your old antivirus with a new one? Not all endpoint protection is the&hel . . . Read more

Date Publish: May 4th 21
T2021_09 Tips on How to Recognize and Avoid Phishing Emails (28th April 2021)
Are you sure that email from your manager is actually from your manager? Companies and individuals are oftentimes targeted by cybercriminals via ema . . . Read more

Date Publish: Apr 28th 21
T2021_08 Safety Tips for protecting your organizational assets from insider threats (28rd April 2021)
One of the most overlooked threat actors to an organizations cybersecurity, oftentimes comes from within the organisation. The best way to defend aga . . . Read more

Date Publish: Apr 28th 21

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