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T2021_07 Safety Tips When Using Corporate Email (25th March 2021)
Email scams and attacks continue to be increasingly harmful to organizations. Therefore, it is a general rule to avoid sending sensitive information v . . . Read more

Date Publish: Mar 25th 21
T2021_06 Emotet Malware (19th March 2021)
Emotet is a Trojan that is spread primarily through phishing emails. It can be executed from a malicious script, macro–enabled document files or . . . Read more

Date Publish: Mar 19th 21
T2021_05 Protect Yourself from Becoming a Bot (16th March 2021)
What is a bot? A bot, short for robot, is a software application that runs simple automated tasks at high performance rates. There are some… . . . Read more

Date Publish: Mar 17th 21
T2021_04 Zeoticus 2.0 Ransomware (25th February 2021)
What is Zeoticus Ransomware? Zeoticus ransomware was first spotted for sale in various underground markets and forums in early 2020. It is a ransomwar . . . Read more

Date Publish: Mar 1st 21
T2021_03 Social Networking and your Safety (15th January 2021)
Social Networking sites have become more and more popular among teenagers and young adults, simply for the reason that it connects people from across . . . Read more

Date Publish: Feb 15th 21
T2021_02 RYUK Ransomware (27th January 2021)
Introduction Ransomware is a form of malware that holds a victims data at ransom. The data is then encrypted so it cann . . . Read more

Date Publish: Feb 3rd 21
T2021_01 WastedLocker Targeted Ransomware (26_January 2021)
What is Wastedlocker? WastedLocker is a new ransomware operated by a Russian malware exploitation group commonly known as the Evil Corp. The attacks p . . . Read more

Date Publish: Jan 26th 21
Block Email Forwarding to Stop BEC Attackers (2nd December, 2020)
Description Cybercriminals are exploiting an email forwarding vulnerability on webmail platforms to make BEC (Business Email Compromise) attacks more . . . Read more

Date Publish: Dec 2nd 20
Microsoft Urges users to stop using phone based Multi-factor Authentication (22nd November, 2020)
Microsoft is urging users to avoid using SMS and voice based multi-factor authentication (MFA) solutions and instead replace them with newer multi-fac . . . Read more

Date Publish: Nov 21st 20
Protecting yourself against scams on WhatsApp (22nd October, 2020)
WhatsApp usage has increased tremendously in recent times, but unfortunately, so has cyber-crime and hacking. Cybercriminals are utilizing a social en . . . Read more

Date Publish: Oct 22nd 20
TikTok- Is it safe?
TikTok has quickly become a popular application in recent months, serving as a platform for viral videos, memes, and even political satire and activis . . . Read more

Date Publish: Aug 12th 20
Mobile devices in the office
Todays advanced mobile devices are well integrated with the internet and have far more functionality than mobile phones of the past. The smart phones . . . Read more

Date Publish: Jul 23rd 20

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